We offer best quality IT equipments from international OEMs such as HP, IBM, Dell, Apple and many more.

Lease Konnect was founded in 2015 and since then it has become one of the largest providers of IT equipment rental company in India. The company offers computers, laptops, LCD projectors, servers, networking and other equipments on long term and short term rentals contracts. We offer both branded and assembled products customised to our client’s requirements.

We have the logistic capacity to ship rental equipment to any location in the northern India within 24 hours. In Delhi we offer to deliver the product on the same day. We offer high class and efficient service free of cost at the client site. Our trained technical support executives provide immediate solutions to all problems at client site. For a higher number of equipments rented at one place we also have an option of placing our trained executive permanently at the client site.

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…One of the largest providers of IT equipment rental company in India!
IT Rentals
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    Asked Questions

    Renting of IT Equipments is a flexible solution to help you use the technology/assets you need while we acquire it on your behalf. It offers you an efficient and flexible way to grow your business without the up-front cash outlays. Resulting net impact; its improves project RoI, lower dt/eq and faster break even.

    The following are the benefits:-

    Flexibility – The requirements of computers fluctuate in seasonal businesses or with projects.

    Projects – It is difficult to justify capital expenditure for a job that is very urgent but will leave you with surplus equipment when it’s over! Costing and quoting is far easier if you rent for the duration of a project or contract.

    Latest Technology – Hire from Lease Konnect and you can arrive on time every time with the very latest technology, fully configured and ready to use.

    Easy up gradation – Renting allows to upgrade to latest technology without huge capital outlay.

    • Tax benefits: If you use your rental equipment for business purposes your rental payments can be up to 100% tax deductible, making the actual cost less than the actual payments.
    • Service support: Lease Konnect provides 24/7 customer support for all equipments rented, It saves spending on repair and maintenance to the client.
    • You obtain the technology you need NOW.
    • You make regular rental payments over the agreed term as revenue expense.
    • Assets remain on LEASE KONNECT balance sheet while the right of use is transferred to you/your Client for the contract duration. Exactly what you need!
    • Lessee gets Tax benefit as Operating lease/ Rentals are Tax free.
    • At the end of the term you reassess your needs and choose one of the end of term options.